We are a private non-profit entity, created with the purpose of benefiting the children of Colombia who live in the whole Colombian territory, from lines of action in visual health and education.

From these lines of action, we propose an improvement of quality of life for children, young people and their families, of scarce resources, who have lost the hope of seeing again, at the same time, we develop educational programs to potentiate the formation of boys and girls in Formal and non-formal education.

Consequently, at the Angelitos de Luz Foundation, we have human and economic resources to achieve the goals obtained in each program and thus enhance the life and dreams of the beneficiary population.


We were born on August 29, 2006, as an initiative of our president and legal representative. Our initial objective was focused on children with hearing difficulties, who received specialized attention, hearing aids that would facilitate their disability somewhat, and partnerships with educational institutions to have interpreters to cooperate in their learning process; In addition, we carried out general health brigades in which doctors who diagnosed general ailments or discomforts participated, during this time, we visited about 5 departments, attending 90 thousand people from areas affected, receiving generic medicines without any cost.

Since 2010, our social object underwent important changes with the aim of generating greater impact, this is how we inaugurated the Educando Ángeles program, a line of action that supports and offers educational programs of a formal and non-formal nature, one of the most important focuses significant is found in the Municipality of Segovia Antioquia, with the educational unit Gimnasio la Salada, in which we benefit 400 boys and girls schooled in grades K-5, we hope that in the coming years it will be possible to offer technical and high school.

Our Health Brigades program focused on a specific area of medicine and is visual health, optometrists participate, using technological equipment to diagnose the visual difficulties of the population in need and giving glasses to mitigate these visual damages.

Hand in hand with this visual program, we have a last line of impact, Light for an Angel, visual surgeries, in this, children and young people between the ages of 5 and 21, who require a cornea transplant, participate or surgical intervention that allows them to recover their vision up to 90%.

Today, after 12 years, we have: from the health brigades program "Angelitos Sanos" we have visited 20 departments, serving a total of 106,547 people including children, youth, seniors. From the program "EDUCANDO ANGELES" we administer the educational unit Gimnasio la Salada, in the municipality of Segovia Antioquia, where 400 children are currently studying in primary school and to finish, the program, "LUZ PARA UN ANGEL" we have attended in consultation Specialized a total of 320 children and young people in ages from 5 to 21 years of age, of which, we have operated satisfactorily 74 people, the rest, have received specialized care and medicines.


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